Counselling Services

Online, phone, home or community sessions (Talk Therapy Session & Notes)

You’re the expert; we listen and reflect. The session includes solutions focused discussion to develop strengths and needs, while identifying areas in need of change. We provide insight and suggestions of strategies. Each session concludes with breakdown of challenges, coping strategies and agreed upon goals to be addressed.  Inquiry today for your complimentary consultation or to request more information regarding counselling services for individuals and groups.

What do we mean by challenges? Challenges are typically areas in your life that are impacting daily functioning. These areas include but are not limited to:

Mental Health Issues





Emotions Management

Substance Use

Substance Addictions

Process Dependency  (gambling, body focused repetitive behaviours, eating disorder)

Pregnancy & Postpartum




Fee for service

Intake Session- complimentary

45-60 minute session- $100.00

Sliding Fee

Please contact us if you are in need of counselling. Sliding fees are based on financial assessment on clients behalf.

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