First Time Mom Pt. 1

It's 11 months down the road and 11pm at night. Babes is in his crib snoozing away; counting his cars to sleep. He's teething, walking and mastering his mum-mum-mumies with da-ta-daties. This post has taken a little longer to put together as there is soo much to say and share, that sometimes I can't string … Continue reading First Time Mom Pt. 1


Doula Speed Dating Night

Please join us for this fun and informative evening! Time is precious to an expecting couple, so we're making it easy for you to find out about options for doula support in your community! You'll have an opportunity to interview several local doulas, enjoy light refreshments, and talk about all things pregnancy, birth, and postpartum!

Bathroom Stall

I was squatting there as I usually do without sinking to the seat. The bathroom door opened and I heard two young feminine voices discussing belts and pants sizes. "Ugh, my pants keep falling ย down. I need a belt" said the one I pictured checking herself out in the mirror, as we girls typically do. … Continue reading Bathroom Stall

5 Reasons to Use a Sitz Bath During Postpartum

The Sitz Bath, next to the peri-bottle, was probably the best thing of life during those first 3 weeks post-partum. Well, other than having my little baby boy, which I'll discuss in the link here later. I remember reading a couple articles about vaginal steaming even before I was pregnant, thinking "what in the world, … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Use a Sitz Bath During Postpartum

Becoming a Mom and Doula & Counsellor…

Here I am, Sam: First Time Mom (FTM) and Doula & Counsellor. No, I do not like green eggs, but ham is good. I started a year ago, and here is a summary of how things have gone so far. Of course this post is a two-parter, we'll be focusing on the Doula & Counsellor … Continue reading Becoming a Mom and Doula & Counsellor…