The Sitz Bath, next to the peri-bottle, was probably the best thing of life during those first 3 weeks post-partum. Well, other than having my little baby boy, which I’ll discuss in the link here later.

I remember reading a couple articles about vaginal steaming even before I was pregnant, thinking “what in the world, why?” But then I used the Sitz and understood. It was heavenly delightful.

It should be noted that Steaming & Douching are different than the Sitz Bath itself, in the sense that the later is only used on the outside and does not involve high temperatures (unless you put really, scolding hot water in the Sitz). Remember, our vaginas have a lot of good bacteria going on and we don’t want to disrupt their chemistry too much with soaps and irritants. As Lauren Streicher, M.D. notes “A vaginal pH of 3.5 – 4.5 indicates that there is a perfect amount of good bacteria (lactobacilli), and no overgrowth of the bad bacteria that can cause odour, irritation and sometimes infection.” Always great to check in with your family doctor, OBGYN, or midwife before using a Sitz Bath.

My midwife suggested one shortly after delivery as a coping measure for my second-degree tears. After trying out the ice packs and sitting on pillows, I asked the nurse if they had any; I was lucky, they had one left. And to my surprise, I was also able to take it home. If you’re not able to get one where you choose to birth, check here.

Why Sitz? The list here is completely anecdotal, but feel free to check out health lines review for more info.

1. Helps alleviate some pain & itching down there. Because you know it’s going to be tender and touching may not help.

2. Helps with post-partum flow. However you deliver, c-section or vaginal, sitzing works. I noticed after I sitzed it helped get things going again. I would also air dry and sitz on a towel while caring for babe & nursing. (Tip: Skin-to-skin is great for establishing a good supply if you choose to nurse-read more here later)

3. Helps feel fresh when you are not able to wipe down there. Again, you’re tender and touching may hurt right now. Also having a bath is typically not suggested until 6 weeks after delivery. So take it easy and rest when you can.

4. Provides you with 10-20mins to yourself. This reason was my favourite because it was me time: self-care. I sitzed when baby napped(or I napped too) or if my partner was with him.  I also meditated on the toilet; the Sitz Bath fits nicely on top of the bowl.

5. Vaginal rejuvenation. This ties into the whole self-care piece. I was honouring my body especially, and also mind & soul. I was aware of my body’s changes, all for the good, and what it had done. I would sometimes stare at my phone or look at my faded pedicure, and hold my belly sitting there. I would smile remembering his kicks and hiccups, and the excitement of having this little human.

Post-partum is a special time for birthing individuals and families. Cherish this time, relish the small moments and reach out for support as needed or even wanted.


What do you think? Will you Sitz? Have any other suggestions to add to sitting? Let us know in the comments or contact us!

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